C.M. McCoy

C.M. McCoy
Hello and welcome!

I'm Colleen aka C.M. McCoy...because nobody can spell or pronouce my real name :-) I write adventures. Usually they involve Alaska, monsters, and an awkward kiss. Thanks so much for swinging by!

Here's what's new:
1. EERIE was featured in PEOPLE magazine! Click here to watch the book trailer on YouTube, and read Eerie on Kindle for $4.99. Also, EERIE has won The Romance Reviews' 2016 Reader's Choice Award!

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3. SELL THAT BOOK, a 186-page author's guide to book promotion is now available! Buy yours now and get a free custom-made Graphic Teaser.

4. Totem Head's 2016 free writing contest for kids (18 & under) is now open for entries.

5. 30 Days with Dr. Death WON 1st PLACE in the Put Your Heart in a Book Contest!

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