C.M. McCoy

C.M. McCoy
Hello and welcome!

I'm Colleen aka C.M. McCoy...because nobody can spell or pronouce my real name :-) I write adventures. Usually they involve Alaska, monsters, and an awkward kiss. Thanks so much for swinging by!

Here's what's new:
1. EERIE was featured in PEOPLE magazine! Click here to watch the book trailer on YouTube, and read Eerie on Kindle for $4.99. Also, EERIE has won The Romance Reviews' 2016 Reader's Choice Award!

2. Kirkus Reviews has spoken! "...weird and wonderful characters" See what other great things Kirkus had to say!

3. SELL THAT BOOK, a 186-page author's guide to book promotion is now available! Buy yours now and get a free custom-made Graphic Teaser.

4. Totem Head's 2016 free writing contest for kids (18 & under) is now open for entries.

5. 30 Days with Dr. Death WON 1st PLACE in the Put Your Heart in a Book Contest!

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